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Greetings! Let me introduce myself -- my name is Yuko Ohnaka, I am an interpreter and translator based in New York.
Since 1988, my translating and interpreting skills have been utilized by major publishing houses, law firms, and public relations agencies in Tokyo and New York. If you are looking for quality Japanese language services at reasonable rates, you�fve come to the right place. Here�fs why:

I work on and complete all assignments myself. The final work product is always my own.
This ensures consistent, reliable quality. Yukoohnaka.com is not a placement agency disguised as a professional service provider. Your job order will never be outsourced to an unqualified subcontractor.

Our editors and proofreaders are
professional writers.

With extensive experience in publishing, advertising, and education, they are more than just �gnative speakers�h of their target languages.

There are no middle margins, no processing fees.
We are your independent contractor, and do not add layers of additional charges. You�fll get the quality language service you need at a reasonable rate.

For inquiries and estimates, please call (201) 255-5796 or e-mail info@ohnaka.com.
Thank you for coming, and we look forward to doing business with you soon.

American Translators Association
National Association of Judiciary
Interpreters and Translators
Asian American Journalists Association

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